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Career Spanning 'Outlanders' Compilation of non-album tracks released Nov 20th, 2020

Woot, woot, now out everywhere, have a listen here 

1. The Joy Of Sleeping (Single Version)

2. Solitary Closure

3. Opt Out (Edit)

4. The Last Beat Of My Heart (String Version)

5. Warmth Of A Christmas Chill (Single Version)

6. Muchomůrky Bílé (Velvet Mix)

7. White Out (Full Length)

8. O (Edit)

9. Through The F Hole (Abichestra Mix)

10. Take Me To The Other Side (Live 2020, feat. Sterling ‘Rosco’ Roswell on drums)

11. Street Hassle (Lou Reed Memorial Concert 2013)

12. Mr.Tambourine Man (Live at The Silver Dollar 2011)

13. Symphony No.1 Overture

14. Nostradamus

15. Karlheinz Tuning In

Tate Britain Display With Our Album Re-Opened til Sept 23, 2020

Happily annoucing the Tate Britain are carrying on with the Aubrey Beardsley exhibition that includes our 2009 Come Hell Or High Water LP (as one of six albums with Beardsley influenced art, including The Beatles' Revolver and Procal Harum's debut!)

​LPs, CDs, & T-Shirts In Our Bandcamp Merch Store

Can't state enough how much the purchases mean to us - not financially, but the emotional sense of the appreciation of what we're doing/trying to do! All stuff on Bandcamp is sold directly by us - there's downloads, CDs, T-shirts, and LPs of Symphony No.1 and Come Hell Or High Water available there.


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Flowers Of Hell
Flowers Of Hell
Flowers Of Hell
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